Upper Arlington – An Incredible Place to Live in Central Ohio

As a result of it is set up nature, Upper Arlington draws in occupants with an instructive achievement and earnings altogether higher than the state and national midpoints. Since development has impeded and the economy is so vigorous, this bears the city the chance to keep up more than 30 open shops and green spaces, covering 170 sections of land. These parks serve an assortment of capacities, from games offices and recreational grounds to nature trails and havens.

Upper Arlington’s families additionally appreciate one of the finest school areas in the country. The area has reliably earned a rating of “Incredible” from the condition of Ohio, and the understudies accomplish SAT scores that are among the main two percent in the country. Moreover, around 95 percent of the understudies go ahead to seek after post-optional degrees. This locale likewise pulls in and develops fantastic direction, with more than 70 percent of the educators having accomplished a Masters degree or higher. The area is made out of four primary schools, two center schools, and one secondary school. The secondary school offers courses in both the prestigious Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate program.

The Upper Arlington school locale does not simply exceed expectations in

Selling Your House To A Property Manager – What To Consider

sdvSelling a house is not as easy as it might seem. This is a process that can take a long period of time, especially if you have a home that is not as modern as many buyers would want it to buy. But when you choose to sell it out to a property company or manager, then the process is made less tedious for you because they buy it as it is without you having to make any additional changes to its current state. But even when choosing this seemingly easier path, there are still things that are very important for you to consider.

The options

The least you can do when selling your house is being comfortable with the path you choose to take. You have the option of selling the house on our own, using property agents or selling it fast and easy to the property managers. Weigh every option together with the pros and cons before making the final decision.

The fees

Usually property managers and buying companies do not charge you for consultation, valuation of the house or even a survey. They are more

Is It Better To Sell Your House To A Property Manager?

vProperty agents are what many people know and they help you with the selling process by handling interested buyers and handling the transactions all the way to closing after which you get your money for the sold property. In some cases this is a process that can take long because it means waiting until a buyer who is interested enough and likes what he sees comes along and is willing to go all the way. Depending on the location of the house and its current condition and other factors, it can take a considerable length of time to sell even though you eventually will sell.

Fortunately, apart from the property agents that can help you sell, there are property companies and managers that actually offer to buy the property directly from you easing up the process for you. Usually the condition of your home is not a factor because they buy it as it is and within a very short period of time so you can get your money fast and easy. This type of managers and property companies are becoming very popular and you

Make This The Year For Helping Investors

dvWith the main goal of a Rental Investment Property being to make money, tax depreciation and tax deductions will be the main income after the rental payments received.

This is the year to do as much as we can to help your Landlords with their investment property! All of us, no matter what we do for a living want and need to make money and owners of investment properties are no different.

The Australian taxation department and websites as well as your state tenancy agency have some great information and of course your tax accountants can assist. Here are some things to consider claiming and to research further:

  • Costs for professionally managing the property such as property management fees. While it is true that you need someone to help manage your property, it does cost a lot. This can and should be claimed towards your tax return. A professional Property Management company will supply an End of Financial Year Statement to take to the accountant to make claims.
  • Improvements made to your home over the financial year. This could be adding a patio, a garden shed, including security

Branding Rental Properties

wefFrom a Property Management point of view, branding covers personal branding of the Property Managers. This includes signage (office and street sign boards), the office, the website, profiles, uniforms, brochures, window cards and the properties that they are leasing out.

If a home is not well presented it will reflect on the property manager and owner as well as the real estate business and will not attract the desired tenants. While some Landlords understand this and keep their homes well presented, others do not see the relevance.

I always suggest that our Landlords, where possible, do a drive-by or visit their property at least once a year. Things like faded paint, overgrown trees, leaning fences etc. really do put off tenants and your investment becomes ‘the rental’ in the street. It can also mean the difference between good tenants and the not so desirable applying for your property.

Most repairs and upgrades are tax deductible and actually prevent further high maintenance costs. Your tenants will also appreciate the upgrades ensuring the tenants stay longer term which minimizes costs and gives you security. You can also consider that

Capital Gains When Splitting Your House Into Flats

vAre you thinking about splitting your house into flats?

Are you concerned that the tax rules are not all that clear?

The problem – you may be taxed when splitting your house into flats upon sale

You could be looking to downsize or make a little money from your property by splitting it into flats. The issue with this type of activity is that you are liable to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). So, you may think because you owned the house and did some work to it that you would be free from tax. It is not until 6 years down the line that HMRC look at the land registry and investigate the scenario and decide to give you a tax bill upon their estimation of the money you have earned. You will still be able to claim Private Residency Relief PRR but you may have to pay CGT on the remaining gain.

If you rent out the property before you sell it then you will also be able to get Lettings Relief from the gain that you make.

If you are converting one house into flats then you

How to Get Into the Field of Property Management

dProperty management is an exciting job that allows you to interact with people. By managing the site, you are responsible for taking payments, writing up lease agreements, hiring maintenance workers, and fielding problems from tenants. For someone who enjoys the day-to-day interaction with people and real estate, it is a good direction to go. So, how do you get into the field?


While there are not many colleges that offer a bachelor’s degree specifically in property management, you can take other routes. By getting a degree in accounting, public administration, or business administration, you will have a head start on what you need to know. Earning your real estate license in the process gives you valuable information that will help you in your career.

No matter which path you take to earn your degree, there are a few classes you need to take, including courses that cover real estate law, leasing laws, and financial management. You should complete courses in bookkeeping, too. A certificate course that covers multi-tenant housing and government-assisted housing is also beneficial.

Licensing and Certification

In some areas, to be part of a successful property

How to Turn Your Property to a Regular Income Source

bSyndicate Investments

A syndicate is a cluster of people who own property mutually while paying a property management company (Ex: Assured Properties) to manage it and deal with the tenants and maintenance. Syndicates generally operate multiple properties, and are usually able to negotiate discounts on property purchase by buying in bulk (for example, purchasing a whole block of flats rather than one unit). This helps you to get involved in the property market at a lower initial cost and reduces the risk factor.

Property Funds

These are associations that sell, buy and manage property, in which you can invest. You don’t have to bother about the daily business proceedings, which is usually taken care according to pre-agreed terms. You can join a property fund through an independent financial adviser. Funds are regulated by the FSA.

Property Renovation for Profits

This is a practical path for people who are well versed about the market with the right skills and the perfect contacts to improve/develop a property quickly and sell it. This is the ideal option when you are sure that the property prices are not going to rise, Example: recession.

Why Be A Landlord?

v“Letting provides a regular guaranteed rental income and benefit from any rise in property any rise in property value”

The Essentials:

National Association of Landlords (NAL) landlords.org.UK & Residential Landlords Association (RLA) rla.org.UK are good source for researching information.

Profits from Property:

Investing in syndicates,
Property Funds
Trading Property
Buying & Selling

Guaranteed Rent:

A property manager, rents from the owner of the property a large block of time, typically several months or even years. Through the transaction the acquirer provides the owner of the property with a guaranteed sum over the term of the contract.
– Wikipedia

Property Managers:

Through a wholesale contract a property manager/management firm is able to acquire new inventory to manage on a retail basis, increasing revenues. When acquired at the right price, such contracts can also increase profit margins. – Wikipedia


If the property does not rent as well as predicted in the retail market, the manager still is obligated to pay the property owner the agreed upon sum.

Property Management Companies:

As a Landlord, you will not be looking forward to the constant tenant viewings, void periods in between tenants, organising tradesmen to maintain the property and worrying

Four Funding Principles

sdbWhen a professional reserve analyst develops a financial strategy for a common interest community (HOA, Condo, Cooperative) National Reserve Study Standards are taken into account. There are four basic principles in these standard:

1. There are adequate reserves when needed

The recommended financial strategy will take into account that some years will have dramatically higher expenses than others (often referred to as Peak or Threshold Years). The overall financial strategy should result in a reserve account balance which is large enough to cover expenses in all periods of time. There is little need for a reserve funding strategies which result in an Associations failure to meet its fiscal responsibility to the membership. Adequately implementing a financial strategy developed by a reserve analyst will result in a positive reserve account balance and adequate funding for those common areas covered in the study.

2. The budget should remain stable across years of changing membership and Boards

Costs related to common areas fluctuate widely from one year to the next, sometimes with minimal expenses for a decade or longer. The reserve specialist will develop a strategy that fairly assesses reserve contribution

Do You Need a Power Flush Or a Boiler Replacement?

dvIs it time to buy a new boiler or does your boiler simply need a flush to remove the excess gas residue that may be causing it not to work properly? Many boiler owners may buy a new boiler when their boiler works properly and they only need a power flush. Sludge can keep a gas tank from functioning properly; creating cold spots, noise, a boiler that takes a while to get hot and a boiler that is not getting as hot – especially if it is a gas reservoir!

How can you tell if your boiler simply needs some cleaning or should be replaced? For many tank owners, whether you own an electric, gas, or combination boiler, the signs your boiler may need replacing happens before it dies. Here are five signs that your boiler may need a reservoir replacement.

Holes or a leaky boiler – If you notice your boiler has rusted places or is leaking water, it is time to replace your tank and perhaps replace it with an energy-efficient model. Why not buy a model that saves you on your energy bill

Landlord-Tenant Relationship

bBe approachable: Make sure that your tenants can contact you by phone or by e-mail if it is more convenient, should they need to. Responding to requests promptly will help tenants to feel listened to and supported.

Give advance notice: As the property owner, you may feel you should be able to visit regularly to ensure all is in order. Bear in mind, however, that while it is your house, it’s your tenants’ home, and it’s not sensible to enter the property without their permission for any reason. The law states that you should give the tenant reasonable notice (which is deemed as at least 24 hours) should you need to view the property.

Be fair: It is only natural that items should break through wear and tear. If this happens, consider whether the item was old and needed replacing anyway. If so, it might be your responsibility to replace said item, not the tenant. Equally, it’s important to convey to the tenant what breakages they will be liable for in the tenancy agreement, with costs if possible.

Property Maintenance: Make sure that you fulfill your

A Guide to Select the Best Property Management Services

downloadOwning a property is not an easy task at all. One needs to make a lot of efforts in order to maintain it. There are many complications and issues that come associated with the properties. Right from the beginning in the entire process of buying and selling, one needs to ensure that the property is in the perfect condition. When you own a land of your own, it is high time that you pay attention to the property management. There are many people who are unaware of the importance of managing the complications. While managing it, one needs to make sure that the papers are correct, it is well maintained and the taxes are submitted timely.

Property management also includes corporate budget preparation, business image consulting, strategy researches and book keeping analysis. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while hiring a property manager.

Choose the right company

There are many property management companies which will provide this kind of service in your locality. Finding the right company among so many is little bit difficult. You need to find an efficient company

The Highs And Lows of Holiday Lets

fbHigher, but more variable income

Unlike standard rental properties, with holiday lets you can hike up the prices over peak periods such as summer, Christmas, school holidays and bank holidays, though you’ll probably never be able to charge quite as much as the £5,700 per night these luxury Scottish digs expect to fetch during the May bank holidays. However, you’re also likely to have periods in the off-season with far fewer visitors paying lower prices if you’re in a traditional holiday area.

City centre apartments can have greater year-round appeal, and those a short commute from major cities such as London are more likely to be booked for weekend trips than more isolated destinations such as Cornwall.

Thanks to the explosion in popularity of sites like Airbnb, tourists are increasingly booking holiday lets as opposed to hotels and tourism generally is on the up in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics Travel Trends report for 2014 (the latest available), visits to the UK rose 5.3% in 2014, and were at the highest level since records began in 1961. Visit England research suggests the number

How to Assess Property Management and Take Your Rental Experience to the Next Level

dRenters are often given advice, but property management is not normally on the checklist for them to consider. Without quality caretakers, however, a rental home is unlikely to be a positive experience. Attention to detail and a consistent, responsive attitude toward addressing complaints are the marks of a high-quality supervisory company. Families considering a rental normally consider several factors, including location, proximity to work, good schools, and public transportation. Budget is another important topic, as is the condition of the rental itself. Even a low-cost apartment close to work and school isn’t a pleasant place to live unless the building and grounds are kept in good condition and repairs and other issues are addressed quickly and consistently. This is where the property management company becomes important.

Prospective renters can begin their inspection before even entering the apartment. The landscaping is a reflection of the care the building receives. Grass should be neatly trimmed, bushes should be kept cut back, and flower beds mulched and neat. The outside of the building, common areas, and hallways should be clean and well maintained. In winter, sidewalks and pathways

How Property Management Firms Are Making Affordable Housing Desirable

vAccording to the Economic Times, “affordable housing” refers to housing options within the budget of those whose income is below the median household income of a particular area. While some may assume that affordable housing automatically means giving up certain amenities that are common in society today, property management companies all over the country are working to ensure that this is not the case. Indeed, in 2016, low income doesn’t have to mean low quality. From the very basic needs of safety and shelter to the most deluxe offerings like on-site laundry facilities and fully equipped community areas, property management companies are providing rentals that get the most out of every dollar. Whether you are looking for a cozy apartment or a large, master-planned community with organized activities, you don’t have to sacrifice access for affordability.

The need for affordable housing spans every demographic and age group, and property management companies take note. For instance, some rentals provide amenities geared toward older residents, such as retirement facilities with mobility-accessible features, while others are more geared toward families, offering two bedroom units with balconies and lots

What They Are And How To Care For Them

dvAlong with our last article on lakeshore planting, we thought we would bring more attention to these specific areas with a more generalized guide. Areas along lakeshores, riverbanks, ponds, and so on are more respectfully known as ‘riparian zones’, which happens to be one of the terrestrial biomes classified on our planet (there are 15 specific types of biomes, by the way). And, as mentioned in the last article about lakeshore planting and gardening, these areas are unique, critical to environmental diversity and health, and require special attention.

Gardening and landscaping in riparian areas should be approached with extra care. This is especially important because development tends to happen heavily, which usually destroys them. Destroying riprap areas creates a lot of problems- not just for the animals and plants- but for people too. Water filtration and redirection, soil conservation, habitat biodiversity, and many other important issues rely on the care of riparian zones.

One of the best things you can do if you have a riparian zone is to work on transforming it back to what it naturally was- or at least do so in a

Property Management and Rental Terms Glossary

dvModerate Housing: This sort of lodging is that of which a government or state office oversees with an end goal to offer help and control the rent to the individuals who meet a specific foreordained criteria.

Luxuries: Intangible and unmistakable elements that are incorporated into or on a property that improve the allure or estimation of the property.

Flat: A multi-family assembling that is intended to house separate people or gatherings of families inside the same building.

Expedite: A land proficient that buys and offers property for others with a specific end goal to get a commission. This expert must be authorized and qualified to rehearse in the state he lives in.

Apartment suite/Condominium: A multi-unit fabricating that takes into consideration singular units to be claimed by its inhabitants. The normal components of this kind of building are possessed by all proprietors inside the townhouse.

Routine Housing: This kind of lodging sticks or complies with the business sector rate, or satisfactory benchmarks, of the territory’s lodging.

Co-Signer: An extra endorser on a lease or home loan that is utilized as a part of request to check the personality of the

Choosing An Investor For Your Demands When Getting a Great Property

dvTurnkey, that vacancy period when a rental property is being renovated or prepped for marketing, creates a potentially perilous situation for property managers. Indeed, depending on the terms of the management agreement, it could be a no-man’s-land, rife with proverbial, booby-trapped landmines that could indiscriminately explode without notice.

Commonly, management agreements technically terminate when the tenant moves out, but if the property owner wishes to continue working with the property manager, there can be an unstated commitment to renew the leasing and management agreement once the property is ready for marketing. And it almost goes without saying that the property manager will assist the property owner with minor repair work. If the work is to be substantial, as might be classified as “turnkey”, the property manager may want to enter into a special compensation agreement for arranging and supervising the process.

But what happens if the owner assumes the manager is doing the turnkey while the manager assumes the owner is handling the process. Nothing will get done, and at some point, fingers will be pointed. And the unsolvable argument will begin (landmine).

Often overlooked by owners

Choosing An Investor For Your Demands When Getting a Great Property

dvFinancing is crucial to the success of your property management plans. Part of the financing process can entail working with a good investor who will support you from a financial standpoint. You must have investors that can cover much of the cost associated with getting your property run.

A great investor will be available to provide you with the money needed to get your property up and running. The investment process can come from those who want to make a profit off of a property. It might also come from a business or other large entity that wants to utilize a property for whatever reason.

Every investor is unique; you must be careful when choosing one. There are many things that must be put into consideration when getting your investment ready through the help of a talented property management specialist:

    • Check to see how much money your investors of interest might have. This is to see that your investors have enough money to pay for whatever you have to offer.


    • Look at what your investors are interested in above all else. Ask them what types of properties they